Quilt Guild Meeting Programs

Each of our monthly guild meetings includes an educational program or presentation.  Here is a list of upcoming programs.


We’re  having a “Quilting Room/Studio” SUPERLATIVE SCAVENGER HUNT”!!  So, head on into your sewing room, closet, under your bed or where ever you store you items and start gathering them together.  Some items will be too large to bring with you so be sure to take a picture.  You don’t need an actual photograph, just make a copy from your computer.  Other items (marked by an asterisk *) in the list need to be brought to the meeting.  When you arrive at the guild meeting you will be assigned to a group.   You will be able to combine items to get the best score.  There will be judges, so of course there will be PRIZES!!!!!

Here is a list of the items for the scavenger hunt:

  1. Ugliest quilt overall * (25 pts)
  2. Most unfinished blocks * (These could also be called “orphan” blocks or blocks not sewn into a quilt.  The blocks are completed but not sewn in quilt.  (10pts)
  3. Biggest quilt *.  This quilt will be based on square inches.  Must be completed, cannot be just a top.
  4. Smallest quilt *,  must be a pieced top, be sandwiched and have a binding. (10 pts)
  5. Ugliest fabric * (10 pts)
  6. Largest variety of pins your group can assemble * (10 pts)
  7. Most poorly constructed quilt * (20 pts)
  8. Oldest pattern * (15 pts)
  9. Heaviest sewing machine-take a picture of the scale showing weight (15pts)
  10. Most sewing machines owned by the group (20 pts)
  11. Most exquisite quilting * (25 pts)
  12. Single block with the most pieces * (15 pts)
  13. Wonkiest block or quilt * (10 pts)
  14. Total number of rulers in the group (15 pts) plus, (1 pt) for each ruler that is unused and still in packaging
  15. Most number of pieces in a single quilt * (20 pts)

OCTOBER 1, 2021

Sue Semler from Tulsa will be presenting a Spooktacular program at our October meeting. Sue started presenting program 4-5 years ago. She loves doing programs and teaching. Her favorite holiday is Halloween and she enjoys making Halloween themed quilts. She even has a “black cat” named BabyBoy. In addition to Halloween fabric, Sue likes using 20-30s prints and civil war fabric. Sue also designs rulers and patterns.